For the very best digestion, a varied diet rich in fruit, vegetables and wholegrain products and also low in fats and sugars should be enough to maintain optimum digestive health. However, in our modern society we lead busy lives and often have stressful jobs and a hectic home life and as such do not always have as healthy a diet as we may like. Keeping your digestive system healthy should be a top priority as this impacts on the rest of our well being and can lead to other seemingly unrelated symptoms like fatigue and even depression. Weight management is also much more difficult when we do not eat a well balanced, healthy, low fat diet.

Digestive Health

Current lifestyles mean that stress is a common problem for many of us. This combined with certain drugs, in particular antibiotics, can lead to the friendly bacteria in our gut being depleted. These friendly bacteria are vital for keeping healthy as they assist the immune system and help the body to absorb nutrients. If you have a stressful lifestyle or regularly take drugs that may reduce your friendly gut bacteria we strongly recommend taking a probiotic tablet. These are available in differing strengths and some also contain a pre-biotic which provides a food supply to the bacteria and helps them to work more effectively. Probiotics can be taken for general digestive health or just at times when needed such as after a course of antibiotics or a bout of diarrhoea.

Colon Cleanse is a product from Holland & Barrett that can be used to aid the overall health of your colon and help the body to carry out natural cleansing functions. The colon can suffer from a few different problems ranging from bloating, and wind to changes in bowel movements. A healthy, varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables and wholemeal sources of fibre is the first step towards getting on top of colon symptoms. If these do not help, or you are suffering from stress, which can also cause problems with the colon, you could try a supplement like colon cleanse to help regulate your digestive system.