Green Tea

What is Green Tea?

The Botanical name for Green Tea is Camellia Sinens, this supplement is also known as Epigallocatechin Gallate. Green tea is full of an antioxidant called polyphenol, it has been suggested through clinical research this anti oxidant fights infections and protects cells within the body from damage.

When taken as an extract in the form of a good quality supplement the level of antioxidants is the same as when drinking green tea but with a lower caffeine content which means you can get the benefits of the antioxidant without the side effects of caffeine.

It is believed that Green Tea was discovered by an emperor in 2700 BC.

Why take Green Tea?

It has been suggested through clinical research the use of Green Tea may prevent or treat:

•    Sunburn
•    Colon Cancer
•    High CholesterolGreen Tea
•    Obesity
•    Leukoplakia
•    Prostate Cancer

Clinical studies suggest Green Tea may be beneficial to individuals with:

•    Arthritis
•    Heal wounds

What are the side effects of Green Tea?

This supplement may cause the following mild side effects:

•    Insomnia
•    Anxiety

If you are currently taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions please consult your doctor or consultant, to seek advice before taking any vitamins or supplements.