What is Lutein?

Lutein is an antioxidant found in the area of the retina responsible for central vision, this antioxidant is very important for eye health, protecting the retina by filtering out harmful light.

Lutein is a carotenoid from the family beta carotene and can be found naturally in green leaf vegetables, pumpkin, carrots, red peppers and sweet corn.

Why take Lutein?

It has been suggested studies conducted by The Nurses’ Health Study through the use of this anti-oxidant will significantly lower the need for cataract surgery. Clinical trials show it directly improves human visual performance, helping to prevent the onset of macular degeneration and cataracts. One study in the Journal of the American Optometric Association found that in high enough doses it could even reverse some symptoms of macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in the elderly.

Beneficial for individuals with the following health conditions:Lutein

•    Cataracts
•    Macular Degeneration

What are the side effects of Lutein?

This supplement may cause the following side effects:

•    May turn skin orange

If you are currently taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions please consult your doctor or consultant, to seek advice before taking any vitamins or supplements.