Ginkgo Biloba

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient tree also known as Maidenhair Tree and Ginkgo Nut. This is the oldest species of tree still surviving today – and can be traced back 200 million years.

To make the Ginkgo Biloba supplement, the herb is extracted from the leaves of the tree traditionally grown in China and Japan. Medicinal studies suggest this supplement increases blood flow by monitoring and adapting the tone and elasticity of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries.

This herb has the following properties:

•    Antioxidant
•    Strengthen blood vessels
•    Relaxes the lungs
•    Stimulate the brain

Why take Ginkgo Biloba?

It has been suggested through clinical research the use of Ginkgo Biloba may prevent or treat:

•    Age-Related Cognitive Decline   
•    Alzheimer’s Disease
•    Depression
•    Erectile Dysfunction
•    Macular Degeneration
•    Schizophrenia
•    Multiple sclerosis
•    Vertigo
•    Vitiligo
•    Diabetic RetinopathyGinkgo Biloba
•    Strokes
•    Cerebral atherosclerosis
•    Cerebral insufficiencies
•    Cochlear deafness
•    Dementia
•    Menopause
•    Short-term memory loss
•    Vascular Diseases
•    Raynaud's disease

Clinical studies suggest Ginkgo Biloba may reduce:

•    Blood Viscosity
•    Vascular Dilation
•    Effects of Tinnitus
•    Damage of the retina

What are the side effects of Ginkgo Biloba?

This supplement may cause the following side effects:

•    Headaches
•    Upset Stomach
•    Irritability
•    Restlessness

Ginkgo is not recommended for individuals who have a history of seizures or take medication.

If you are currently taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions please consult your doctor or consultant, to seek advice before taking any vitamins or supplements.