What is Calcium?

Calcium is an essential mineral absorbed mostly by the teeth and bones in the human body, this mineral can be found in yoghurt, cheese, milk, sardines, broccoli, and almonds.

 What does calcium do?

  • Keeps teeth and bones strong
  • Produce hormones and enzymes
  • Control digestion and metabolism
  • Helps with the healing of wounds and blood clotting
  • Used for communication with nerve cells

Why take Calcium?

It has been suggested through clinical research the use of Calcium may prevent or treat:
·    Gestational Hypertension
·    Lactose Intolerance
·    Rickets
·    Period Pain
·    Premenstrual SyndromeCalcium
·    Osteoporosis
·    Preeclampsia

Clinical studies suggest Calcium may aid:
·    High Cholesterol
·    Obesity
·    Amenorrhea
·    Osteoporosis

What are the side effects of Calcium?

This supplement may cause the following mild side effects:
·    Constipation
·    Bloating
·    Flatulence

If you are currently taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions please consult your doctor or consultant, to seek advice before taking any vitamins or supplements.