Vitamin Information

Vitamins are essential for a healthy lifestyle as they are not able to be made by the human body. Required for growth and development vitamins must be introduced in the diet or by taking a supplement. A deficiency in vitamins can lead to health problems, many of which are discussed within the individual vitamin pages. Although less likely to happen, an excess of vitamins in the body can also cause problems.

Within this section you can find out further information about each vitamin. This includes what the body uses it for, what foods you should include in your diet to ensure you get enough and also what supplements to take if you feel you need them.

Aiming to eat the recommended five portions of fruits or vegetables will help in getting required amounts of vitamins and minerals plus fibre. Limiting the amount of caffeine from drinks such as tea, coffee and cola is advisable as caffeine can stop the body absorbing vitamins properly. Alcohol is also toxic to vitamins so should be consumed wisely.

Although food sources are the most natural way to incorpoate vitamins into your diet this isn't always possible and this is when the use of a supplement is a good idea.

The vitamins that are essential for survival are as follows:

Vitamin A

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B7

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K